Textiles of the future

Our ahead-of-its time collection is bursting with high-tech know-how and unrivalled innovation, bringing a truly different experience for environmentally-conscious women who are always on the go.


Working with fabrics from the future, our range is crafted so it can be popped in a washing machine and comes out ready to wear, no ironing and dry cleaning required. Our high-tech fabrics not only reward you with extra time but cocoon your skin in guaranteed comfort. Innovative elements like thermoregulation and extra breathability ensure our pieces feel just as luxurious as they look. You’ll have an assortment of pieces always ready to throw on that look as luxurious as high-maintenance couture pieces but come without the time-consuming care label and with extra comfort for you.


The easy-care nature of our garments eliminates the need for dry cleaning, which is an entirely new approach to sustainability among the fashion industry. Chemical pollution from dry cleaning drains into rivers and streams, subsequently destroying marine habitats as well as being carcinogenic (cancer-causing) among humans. Our eco-fur and eco-leather are easy to mistake for the real thing, but are machine washable, sustainable alternatives to notoriously un-animal-friendly high fashion. On top we source as much fabric as we can from sustainable solar-panel-powered fabric suppliers, using recycled fabrics—like those made using yarn from regenerated fishing nets—wherever possible to minimise our carbon footprint. All fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex certified.


Unlike anything else on the market, we combine innovative futuristic textiles with classic, traditional tailoring, for an entirely fresh take on high fashion. Breathable, double-faced and warp-knitted fabrics combine with machine-washable eco leather and eco-fur, complemented by waterproof velvets, printed python-effect and many others. We’ve harnessed the best fabric expertise