Mission, Purpose and Principles


We empower people to perform at their best, by bringing them clothes that
  • Look amazing, and stay that way all day
  • Give the same comfort and freedom as sports clothes
  • Are always available ‘Wash like a t-shirt’, ‘Wash.Hang.Wear’, GenerationGO
We want to leave this earth better for future generations
  • We are an ethical brand on a sustainable mission
  • We want to use only recycled and recyclable fabrics.
  • We want to produce in ethical manufacturers with certified working conditions
  • We want to end toxic dry-cleaning
  • We want to be carbon neutral
  • We do no harm to animals
We want to create a better world for tomorrow, not just in our products, which is why
  • We celebrate the wonderful differences in gender, race, religion and sexuality
  • We do not tolerate discrimination
  • We have fun and live life to the full because it is the greatest gift to have receive
Our employees are our strength and our future. They
  • Are challenging the norms if needs to be done for good and do what’s right at all times, even when they are the only voice in a crowd
  • Further our mission, because they live and breathe it themselves
  • Continually challenge themselves and others, in body and mind