Why is APPAREAL sustainable? Today,
- 100% of APPAREAL items are made with RECYCLED FABRICS. Made from plastic bottles, fishing nets and other post-consumer waste. We use recycled cotton made from left-overs of cotton in the factories.
- 100% of APPAREAL items are ETHICALLY MADE IN EUROPE in audited factories.
- 100% of APPAREAL items are WASHABLE allowing people to avoid toxic dry cleaning.
- 100% of APPAREAL items are NON-IRON so we save electricity.
- 100% of APPAREAL items are #30wears proofed, tested by an independent 3rd party for Copenhagen Fashion Summit
- APPAREAL is offering FREE CO2 neutral shipping and returns for clients shopping at www.appareal.com
APPAREAL is an Eco-Age Certified brand. Discover more about Eco-Age brand mark:  https://eco-age.com/agency/recommended-brands/appareal/

APPAREAL was featured in the United Nations Stand in Olympia London as one of the brands selected to promote Conscious Fashion Campaign during Pure London Trade Show, 2019. 

The easy-care nature of our garments is fundamental to our sustainability mission.
In the first place, it eliminates the need for toxic dry cleaning, which is a topic that we feel passionate about, but is rarely tackled by the fashion industry. Chemical pollution from dry cleaning drains into rivers and streams, subsequently destroying marine habitats as well as being carcinogenic (cancer-causing) among humans.
Our eco-fur and eco-leather are easy to mistake for the real thing, but are machine washable, sustainable alternatives to notoriously un-animal-friendly high fashion. 
Additionally, by making it easy to care for our garments, we can use them for longer. One of the world's largest manufacturers of fabric care products, washed APPAREAL dresses 35 times in their laboratories, and they remained looking like new, enabling us to surpass #30wears  
And vitally, we source as much fabric as we can from sustainable solar-panel-powered fabric suppliers, using recycled fabrics—like those made using yarn from regenerated fishing nets—wherever possible to minimise our carbon footprint.
All fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex certified, sourced and sewn together in Europe.

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