September 28, 2020

Styling tips guide

Exclusively developed by Marisol for APPAREAL. @inachicstateofmind

Stylist Marisol Caravatti 

Originally from New York, Marisol has always had an eye for fashion and style. After having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York she was then responsible for creating the looks of models for a modelling agency.

Afterward, she held several management positions in the beauty industry, notably at Estee Lauder and Dior Beauty. Marisol launched her image consulting firm in 2007 to share her passion and facilitate her clients to increase their well-being.

The fashion inspiration blog, www.inachicstateofmind.com and Instagram by the same name was launched after as a portfolio of her styling abilities. In the past year she discovered Appareal and loves their dresses for their eco-luxury sustainable approach, their modern style choices and easy care textiles all keeping today’s woman in mind.

“We have to get dressed every day, so why not enjoy it!”

Word from APPAREAL Founder:

Appareal founder, fashion brand founder and CEO

First of all, we want to congratulate you on doing your best on finding your style. With all the pressure on being perfect and not having a lot of time and resources to invest in it dressing is not always easy. I build APPAREAL for women like you because feeling beautiful was important to me and I always performed better at work and was just generally in a better mood when I was dresses nicely and found my figure flattered by the dresses I was wearing. I always dreamed of the clothes that would make me 5 cm taller and 3 kg slimmer, like most of us are wish no matter what shape they are in and of course I wished them to be always available for me with no extra time for care like ironing or dry cleaning.I met Marisol as one of my clients and I instantly fell in love with how she styles APPAREAL. Native New Yorker she always wore APPAREAL just like I would have imagined. Marisol helped us style our Lookbooks and when I got an idea to share some styling tips with you, I had no doubt who I should invite for this. With big pleasure I am sharing a below styling guide on how to flatter your figure from Marisol. Enjoy!


Instant style but how to find the silhouette that flatters you?

What better than a dress to get on the fast track to fabulous!

A dress requires little thought, it doesn’t require coordinating separates, it is comfortable and by adding some key accessories, always looks polished! Here we will identify the core silhouettes, which style may flatter you figure, how to dress it up or down and finally THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS (also known as the LBD). 
In our styling guide we have described core silhouettes to help you navigate around the numerous choices...
Once you have identified YOUR perfect LBD, here is how to wear it

How to wear it?

Dresses are so versatile! Dress it up or dress it down!

Little Black Dress 2.0 (LBD) Olesya Dress


Add interest to a dress by adding a cardigan, blazer, denim or motorcycle jacket on top. Add a turtleneck, sweater or blouse underneath and you create a whole new outfit. This will instantly modify the style and express your personality.


Accessories will equally add to your style. The bag you choose whether it’s a mini-bag ideal for evening or a large tote to put your laptop in will automatically change the look and style of what you are wearing. Your choice of shoes may also make the dress look youthful, casual, tough or elegant. A statement necklace may make a simple neck-line stand out. Therefore jewellery is key in establishing your outfit’s style sets you apart from the rest.

Tip: don’t be afraid to mix styles but do be careful not to add on more frill to an already flowery dress with your accessories. Keep it structured to balance the feminine print. For example with a structured handbag and layering a blazer on top.

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